Vietnam travel guide Halong Bay, top 10 ideal destinations for Valentine’s Day

Of outstanding natural beauty, Halong Bay has been ranked in the top 10 of the best destinations for Valentine’s Day by National Geographic magazine.

Be found in the North East of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is still the country’s most famous tourist site. Here, 1969 limestone peaks extend over a surface of 1553 km2. Floating villages, boats in  bamboo with red sails are characteristic of the bay. Halong was inscribed on the list of world natural heritage by its original beauty in 1994 and its geological and geomorphological values in 2000.To fully explore the bay, you better spend 1 or 2 nights aboard a junk cruise or hotel on Halong Bay. You will have time to enjoy seafood caught locally, kayaking at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and have dinner in a cave in the middle of the bay.Some tips to explore the beauty of Halong

Sung Sot cave

This cave is called “cave of surprises” by its original beauty and stalactites in different forms that give us a pleasant surprise and admiring one another. At the exit of the cave, the gazebo offers a wide view of the bay where several boats are moored and junks. It creates a poetic artistic painting

Titov Island

For those who like to relax and swim in the emerald waters of the bay, this island is truly a great place because it offers a beautiful beach in the halfpipe. You rest in all of nature and make the most of the fresh air of the sea, and more, if you climb up the stairs to the top of the island you can admire the panorama  on Halong Bay . A grand and picturesque scenery!

Fishing village

This village is created by Bay fishermen who live there long. Their houses are attached tightly together to resist the strong currents and storms. Here you will be warmly welcomed and will be invited to taste fruirs high fees or caught by the villagers sea well.

 Bai Tu Long Bay

Located south-west of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is surrounded by limestone mountains. It has beautiful sandy beaches and especially the islands of unspoilt natural beauty. For this reason, it has become a good choice for those who like off the beaten path. The islands Van Don Quan Lan Ban Sen, Ngoc Vung have long been well known to visitors names.

Cat Ba Island

Island still called jade, Cat Ba Island is the largest island among the islands 1969 Halong Bay.It is decorated with beautiful beaches and fishing villages, limestone hills, numerous lakes, waterfalls and caves. There are National Park Cat Ba – extraordinary biodiversity is classified as global biological tank by UNESCO in 2004.Beautiful, attractive, wild, she deserves a break after visiting Halong Bay.You can reach either by boat from Halong Bay, Hai Phong is via an express boat.

Lan Ha Bay

This bay is located south-east of the island of Cat Ba in front of the mouth of Van in the continuity of Halong Bay. This region in the form of a hoop is very quiet and peaceful with about 400 islands and islets, forming a gigantic and poetic picture. To rent a cruise, visit this site // All are covered with lush green trees.

It still has 139 small sandy beaches white and yellow still wild and isolated that resemble wonderful straits attracting all visitors. Quiet beaches without large waves that extend between the mountains are really ideal for relaxing and swimming. In this bay you can immerse yourself in the Isle of Sen, island or the island of Cu Chi (Monkey Island) to admire the coral.

This is an ideal opportunity to pimp an important event in your life such as wedding anniversary, honeymoon … or just a nice surprise for your companion during your trip in Vietnam, please visit this site // for more infos .So if you are looking for a romantic place for your Valentine, consider Halong Bay and choose a corresponding plane. You probably will offer a great surprise for your partner!

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