Types Of Airbag Kits Available To Safeguard You

Air bags, as we all know are meant to ensure safety of drivers and passenger during any crash or road accidents. We have talked a lot about the functions and importance of these products, and here, we are moving a step further to discuss about the types of airbag kits available to ensure your complete safety.

Ride-Rite Air Bag Kit

Ride-rite is one of the most popular types of kit and offers maximum load support, and usually comes with a lifetime warranty. The double convoluted air springs is widely used in light trucks, motor homes, SUV’s and vans. The ride-rite air bags are installed between the vehicle frame and suspension, and provide unmatchable load support by using air pressure. Over seventy years, this kit is specifically designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity, stability and ride quality of the vehicle.

The Ride-rite air bags are capable of 3,200 – 5,000 lbs of load leveling capacity. You can adjust the air springs for changing the loads, front to rear, as well as side to side. This kit enhances the ride by reducing inter-leaf friction, and largely found on full size trucks, pickups and commercial vehicles. The kit is also come with upper and lower bracelets, air line tubing and hardware.

Sport-Rite Air Bag kit

The revolutionary sport0rite air kit were designed to maintain a level while offering the best possible ride characteristics under any kind of load condition, heavy or light, especially used in some ½ tons and compact pickups. This kit uses a tapered sleeve style air spring that is capable of supporting up to 3,000 lbs per set. You will notice significant improvement while hauling and towing and enjoy more control, stability and load support. Each sport-ride application is developed to improve safe load carrying capacity of a particular vehicle at hand.

Coil-Rite air Spring Kits

This particular kit is designed to fir existing coil spring suspensions, and can improve the ride, handling and braking, front and rear. Coil-rite air spring kits provide extra support for the existing coil spring in the vehicle and are highly adjustable. So, with this kind if airbag kit, you will have effective braking, loading and handling, and also, enjoy a smoother ride.

These kits are made of durable, elastic polyurethane, and provide highest performance even under heavy loading or complicated road conditions. The coil-rite models are completely adjustable, and can be changed as easily as inflating a tire. The air pressure inside the springs can be controlled, allowing the airbag inside the coil spring to support 500-1,000 lbs per set.

You can get more information and explore different kinds of airbag kits over the internet. Many sites such as Sdtrucksprings.com offer high quality air bags and kits at competitive process.

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