Outdoor artworks of Blue mosque Turkey

Bari The skyline of Istanbul, Turkey is dominated by the cascade of domes and the 6 slim minarets of the Blue Mosque, officially known as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. The mosque is named after Sultan Ahmet I, who had it built in the 17th century because he wanted Turkey to have an even better Islamic place of worship than the Hagia Sophia. The Blue Mosque now stands next to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul’s main square, and visitors get to decide which architectural achievement is more impressive.

History of the Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmet I was just 19 years old when he commissioned the Blue Mosque. He had it built over the site of the ancient Byzantine imperial palace and hippodrome, near the Hagia Sophia. It took seven years for the Blue Mosque to be constructed from 1609 onwards.
The architect Mehmet Aga designed the mosque after his predecessor had been executed for wanting. Sultan Ahmet often helped in the work because he was anxious and wanted to make sure his magnificent creation would be completed as he desired. Sadly, a year after his masterpiece was completed, the 27-year old Sultan Ahmet passed away. Sultan Ahmet, his wife and his three sons are all buried outside the mosque.
Initially, a han, hospital, an imaret, a madrasa, a market, a primary school and the tomb of its founder were included in the original mosque complex. However, in the 19th century, a majority of these buildings got torn down.

Things To See At The Blue Mosque

The six minarets of the Blue Mosque that are visible from far away are among the most prominent features of the Blue Mosque. Most mosques usually have just one, two, or four minarets, so this is very unique. According to an account, the architect had been directed to build altin (gold) minarets, but he misunderstood the word as alti (six).

Since Mecca’s Haram Mosque, which is the world’s holiest mosque, also had six minarets, so quite a scandal was caused by this unique feature of the Blue Mosque. Ultimately, Sultan Ahmet had his architect sent to Mecca to get a seventh minaret added there.

The beautifully-arranged cascading domes that appear to flow down from the great central dome is another stunning feature of the Blue Mosque’s exterior. Further visual rhythm is added since each dome has an arcade running beneath it. The interior of the mosque features blue tiles and that is why it is referred to as the “Blue Mosque.”

The Blue Mosque also has a beautifully decorated main west entrance and it is worth looking at. However, to preserve the holiness of the mosque, the north entrance has to be used by non-worshippers, which is the Hippodrome. Symbolic chains hang from this gate, which prompt visitors to bow their head as they enter.
Inside, 20,000 blue tiles line the ceiling. Abstract patterns, flowers and trees, which are fine examples of Iznik design from the 16th century, are featured on the oldest tiles. Overall, the ceiling of the Blue Mosque is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful sights. It is also possible to see the Iznik tiles in the galleries and above the main entrance on the north wall. There are also 260 windows inside the mosque, though without the 17th-century stained glass that once filled them.

Luckily for British citizens, they may get a Turkey visa on arrival at any port, and may easily pay a visit to Istanbul and see the Blue Mosque.

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Vietnam travel guide Halong Bay, top 10 ideal destinations for Valentine’s Day

Of outstanding natural beauty, Halong Bay has been ranked in the top 10 of the best destinations for Valentine’s Day by National Geographic magazine.

Be found in the North East of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay is still the country’s most famous tourist site. Here, 1969 limestone peaks extend over a surface of 1553 km2. Floating villages, boats in  bamboo with red sails are characteristic of the bay. Halong was inscribed on the list of world natural heritage by its original beauty in 1994 and its geological and geomorphological values in 2000.To fully explore the bay, you better spend 1 or 2 nights aboard a junk cruise or hotel on Halong Bay. You will have time to enjoy seafood caught locally, kayaking at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and have dinner in a cave in the middle of the bay.Some tips to explore the beauty of Halong

Sung Sot cave

This cave is called “cave of surprises” by its original beauty and stalactites in different forms that give us a pleasant surprise and admiring one another. At the exit of the cave, the gazebo offers a wide view of the bay where several boats are moored and junks. It creates a poetic artistic painting

Titov Island

For those who like to relax and swim in the emerald waters of the bay, this island is truly a great place because it offers a beautiful beach in the halfpipe. You rest in all of nature and make the most of the fresh air of the sea, and more, if you climb up the stairs to the top of the island you can admire the panorama  on Halong Bay . A grand and picturesque scenery!

Fishing village

This village is created by Bay fishermen who live there long. Their houses are attached tightly together to resist the strong currents and storms. Here you will be warmly welcomed and will be invited to taste fruirs high fees or caught by the villagers sea well.

 Bai Tu Long Bay

Located south-west of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay is surrounded by limestone mountains. It has beautiful sandy beaches and especially the islands of unspoilt natural beauty. For this reason, it has become a good choice for those who like off the beaten path. The islands Van Don Quan Lan Ban Sen, Ngoc Vung have long been well known to visitors names.

Cat Ba Island

Island still called jade, Cat Ba Island is the largest island among the islands 1969 Halong Bay.It is decorated with beautiful beaches and fishing villages, limestone hills, numerous lakes, waterfalls and caves. There are National Park Cat Ba – extraordinary biodiversity is classified as global biological tank by UNESCO in 2004.Beautiful, attractive, wild, she deserves a break after visiting Halong Bay.You can reach either by boat from Halong Bay, Hai Phong is via an express boat.

Lan Ha Bay

This bay is located south-east of the island of Cat Ba in front of the mouth of Van in the continuity of Halong Bay. This region in the form of a hoop is very quiet and peaceful with about 400 islands and islets, forming a gigantic and poetic picture. To rent a cruise, visit this site //www.junkcatba.com All are covered with lush green trees.

It still has 139 small sandy beaches white and yellow still wild and isolated that resemble wonderful straits attracting all visitors. Quiet beaches without large waves that extend between the mountains are really ideal for relaxing and swimming. In this bay you can immerse yourself in the Isle of Sen, island or the island of Cu Chi (Monkey Island) to admire the coral.

This is an ideal opportunity to pimp an important event in your life such as wedding anniversary, honeymoon … or just a nice surprise for your companion during your trip in Vietnam, please visit this site //trekasie.com for more infos .So if you are looking for a romantic place for your Valentine, consider Halong Bay and choose a corresponding plane. You probably will offer a great surprise for your partner!

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Tips to Avoid Theft When You Travel

Travel is a part of life, whether you are a businessman or a mere adventure seeker and in either way theft has of late become a common phenomenon amongst travellers. Each day thousands of travelers are robbed off their precious commodities on broad daylights and even in hotels they spent during their vacations. In this relation it becomes essential to try to find out ways of countering increased theft instances among travelers. Below are major Tips to Avoid Theft When You Travel Tips for travelling in a budget

Never give your sensitive information to anyone as you are in unfamiliar territory. You should not give your information to anyone, even if they say that they are from the hotel or from a local bank. Do not use hotel or public computer systems for your financial transactions. These computers save your information and it will be very easy for hackers or identity thieves to access your accounts. Notify your creditor that you will be leaving; you could also include the name of the hotel you will be staying in. This way, your creditor can work with you in keeping your credit and identity safe. You could check your credit everyday so that you will be aware of what’s going on. Secure copies of your documents as it’s vital for you to produce copies of your passport, credit cards, and driver’s license. They should be kept inside your clothes (not in pockets) or in the hotel room safe provided for you. Make sure that you keep the originals in a highly secure place in the vicinity like a local bank or document vault. Some straightforward approaches to counteract theft is to not hang and presentation handbags uncommonly in broad daylight places. It is likewise best no to bring the majority of your cash and assets all in the same pack when you go out. Cash cinches are additionally best to utilize when voyaging. These are little pockets that you can strap underneath your apparel. It can hold your assets like travel permits, Master cards, distinguishing proof cards and the majority of your cash as opposed to putting it in your pockets. when you go out when you travel, keep a low profile and however much as could be expected, do whatever it takes not to wear excessively showy apparel and an excessive amount of gems. By utilizing an excessive amount of gem specialists, you attract cheats’ regard for you. Be alert particularly in packed spots. Criminals and pickpockets are basic in these regions. Remember that gathered spots are not by any means the only places to look for however, likewise clear and unfilled ranges as they can strike in these areas as well. Do not leave assets at the pool side or shore when going out swimming. Rather, leave the stuff secured sack or cupboards at the lodging room. Your ownership ought to be sheltered in your room, yet you will need to keep those things outside of anyone’s ability

In conclusion you can also hire a temporary holiday nannies to keep you company during your vacation as the saying goes “Two are better than one” and this will give a sense of security everywhere you go.

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Tips To Remember For Buying Prevost Buses

Prevost Buses are the best option available to the bus buyers looking for a unique blend of luxury services and economical rates. If you are tour services providers and are looking for means to satisfy the needs of your customers in terms of comfortable and plush interiors then these Buses is the most natural choice for you. There are a lot many companies which make available Prevost Buses for sale. You should compare the various offers provided by these companies beforehand. You also have an option of selecting between a used one and a completely new bus.

These buses possess excellent product development capabilities and a cutting edge manufacturing technology. You will be able to enjoy the lavish amenities of premium seated coaches and high end motor homes. You as a bus buyer will be served with facilities that ensure customer satisfaction through ongoing innovation, quality products, unmatched after sales service and an unrelenting focus on customer needs. In short, these buses offer all the luxury that you would like to provide to your customers in your tour services.

Useful Tips for making the purchase:

Prevost buses have been known to provide high end facilities to its customers. No matter, if you are talking about drive train, construction of the bus, artistic exterior features or astonishing interior furnishing, these buses lead in every possible field. While buying them, following tips might be successful in guiding you:

  • Carefully weigh your needs and application for which you need the buses.
  • Compare different bus models made available by the company in terms of amenities and cost.
  • Make detailed check of the sales background of the company with which you are going to deal.
  • Look for after sale policies of the company.

Available model of bus:

Prevost offers a wide variety of bus models, thereby providing you the option of selecting from a huge array of buses according to your desires. Additionally, you can also place an order for a custom made bus that will be designed specifically according to your needs. The different models that are available in the market are:

  • H5-60 articulated 79 passenger motor coach
  • 50-PI-33 passenger coach.
  • XLII (now known as the X3-45) sightseeing/passenger coach

There are a numerous companies that provide Prevost Buses for Sale, providing some convenient bus sale facilities. You should take good care in buying these buses as a detailed knowledge will only help you in making a perfect choice.

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If you are looking to purchase a luxury bus and wondering which one would be the best option then look no further than the beautiful Prevost buses for sale at Northwest Bus Sales in Washington, United States of America. Here you can choose from the new range of buses to the used bus category as well. There is the option of looking at the entire fleet of buses be it the school buses or shuttle buses or transit buses or even buses specifically catering to wheelchair friendly options. The entire range and more is available here and you can choose from the fleet online or even visit the facility and take a detailed look around.

Zero fatigue

With Northwest you can choose from all the buses that are available for sale online as well with detailed pictures that have been put up on the website with all the details and specifications that you might be looking for. The Prevost buses are high end luxury buses with everything to make your trip a comfortable one. In fact this is an ideal bus to travel long distance without feeling the fatigue of the travel. And this is because of the high end features that it comes with.

The turbo diesel engine comes with a beautiful suspension which makes for a relaxed drive with all features like great braking and heating system and video and audio options. The overhead racks offer ample space and so does the space under floor for storage. So this way your legs have ample space to stretch with foot rests and arm rests to enjoy a relaxed drive. The vehicle is very comfortable to travel in and makes for a great long distance commuter. It is a popular choice as a people mover.

Different options

When you are looking at Prevost buses for sale you can either call northwest for details or even check the website and make a purchase. If you would rather travel to the facility the staff could pick you up from the airport and take you around the many options that are available to buy. You can do a complete check before deciding on a vehicle. The staff is friendly and helpful and can take you through the different options. The mechanics too on board are very good at their work and ensure that the vehicle you choose is thoroughly checked up and you get a problem free vehicle that is in great shape.

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Planning the best trips to China from Great Britain!

Following are some essentials that you should keep in mind while working with the experts to plan your China trip comfortably and conveniently.

  • Flights Tips

Being among the most famous tourist places isn’t short on flights. In regards to booking flights to the town Cathay Pacific is flag carrier and is certainly one of the favourites. For better flight schedule you can visit at www.chinatourstailor.com

Those planning vacations to Hong-Kong can browse internet for affordable flights during the off-season months of March to September. These months normally witness rolling out of airfare deals and great discounts by air companies and travel agencies.2141239

Visa Requirements

Britons planning luxury vacations in Hong Kong can stay there for half a year with no visa. Always go through these guidelines before making trips to China.

Passport Requirements

Passports should be legal for the length of the stay. A British Citizen is generally approved six months entry on coming, however only as long as the passport’s validity is for six months or even more. Hong-Kong Immigration grants thirty days longer compared to the stay, in the event the validity of the passport enables this, in the event the passport has significantly less than half year validity. It is one essential that must be take care beforehand while making trips to China.

Travelling with kids

As British Passport-holders aren’t granted visa on arrival in the Chinese border Britons visiting Mainland China via Hong-Kong must get a Chinese visa in advance and for better info visit www.chinatourstailor.com. Tourists maybe not staying with this guideline may be fined and perhaps detained by the Mainland Chinese authorities.

Visitors entering Hong-Kong via Mainland China and leaving again through the mainland must be mindful that they’re necessary to take possession of the double or multiple entry visas for Mainland China.

Health Guidelines

Britons planning luxury vacations to Hong-Kong may have to get the temperature screening tests at the edge. Further medical tests may be conducted, based upon the outcomes of temperature screening tests. For more visit www.chinatourstailor.com

The people who are looking for additional information on vaccination requirements, wellness outbreaks and general disorder protection and prevention information can see the sites of the Center NaTHNaC and National Travel Heath Network and NHS Scotland’s Fit for Journey.

Author’s bio:

These are the basics to travel China that would help you understand better how to plan your trip successfully with your friends and family. For professional assistance you can visit us at www.chinatourstailor.com

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Companies That Help You Plan Around the Weather

This article details companies offering solutions for avoiding the consequences of bad weather.

As 2014 begins, extreme weather patterns once again dominate the news. Preparing for our unpredictable British weather, an irritating prospect for many of us, can have disastrous consequences for some – as in the case of those living in flood-risk areas. Fortunately, as highlighted below, there are many companies and organisations willing to help us combat our climate’s uncertainties.

Foresee app

This weather app goes beyond many others which just relay statistical weather data to make predictions. Foresee offers to ‘personalise’ your weather information to take account of your preferred lifestyle choices. You can select from a host of different activities, such as tennis, rock climbing, sunbathing and so on. With your choice of optimum weather conditions for each activity in place, Foresee then monitors your local ten-day weather forecast data. Thus Foresee can, for example, suggest the best times for sunbathing, and provide answers to questions such as ‘Which is the best day for lawn-mowing?’

Weather Trends International

Weather Trends International are a company operating at the cutting edge of weather forecasting. Their experienced team of meteorologists and maths wizards offer a long-range forecasting service for clients planning holidays, parties, weddings and the like, up to a year in advance. A recognised leader in long-range weather forecasting, Weather Trends International have a track record of correctly predicting the extent to which the weather will ‘cooperate’ as regards future planned events. Their advice is regularly sought by retailers, institutions and countries seeking to find an optimum ‘weather window’.

Emergency breakdown

The AA, like similar motoring organisations, has many years’ experience helping motorists cope with difficult weather conditions. They also have their own elite ‘storm-chasing’ squad, known as AA Sort (Special Operations Response Team). Operating during periods of extreme weather, Sort’s main task is to support regular patrol services in tough conditions. The Sort team have undergone rescue training and regularly work alongside other rescue agencies such as fire and mountain rescue teams. They can also call upon expert weather advice for detailed hazard forecasting, helping us all to cope better when the weather closes in.

Dark Sky

Available for iPhone and iPad, Dark Sky is a new, state-of-the-art weather app which could prove invaluable for tourists travelling abroad. Using the latest short-term prediction technology, Dark Sky can pinpoint precisely when rain or snow will strike your location; and it is accurate down to the minute. With its superb graphic interface, Dark Sky presents astonishing radar animations, for example, tracking the progress of a local storm so the on-screen visuals record the moment when the storm passes through where you’re standing. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, this has got to be worth a look

Transport Innovation

Most of us have walked to the shops in pleasant weather only to find the heavens open just as we are about to return home loaded down with bags of shopping. Such annoying events need no longer be troublesome if you remember the Transport Innovation service. Most of our major supermarkets offer this freephone facility which enables you to contact local taxi companies to arrange a lift home and dodge the poor weather. Thanks to Transport Innovation, you will arrive safe, warm and dry; rather than cold, wet and grumpy.

Hopefully, we can all continue to support those who offer services to help us avoid, or cope with, weather emergencies. Their skills help to ‘see us through’ and we cannot do without their expertise. Should we lose them, we might, for example, hear a weatherman of the future pronounce: ‘Weather forecast for tonight: dark!’


www.geekwire.com – Foresee app
www.weathertrends360.com – Weather Trends International
www.theaa.com – AA Sort
www.darkskyapp.com – Dark Sky app

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Here is a Check List for Travelling Far Abroad

plane-at-nightMore and more people are going on holiday to wonderful paces like Marrakech it is both fun and exciting but it can easily become stressful if you forget or lose important documents. This checklist will help ensure that you have everything you need for a smooth journey.

1. At least £100 worth of local currency – calculate the cab fare from the airport to your destination and carry more than that amount with you. Some change is nice to have in the airport for luggage carts and tipping. Remember to bring some home country money as well, just in case you need it on the trip home.

2. Passports. Be sure to check expiration dates well in advance. It pays to check the destination country regulations as some countries require the passport to be valid for one month or more after the trip dates. Check and double check that you include all necessary visas with your passport information.

3. At least one copy of every passport packed separately from other travel documents. Consider including copies in a checked bag and then storing them in the hotel safe at your destination.

4. Health insurance cards. Verify that your health insurance is valid in your destination country and be sure to carry the cards – just in case.

5. Hard copy of important phone numbers (doctors, relatives, US Consulate, etc). Everyone has this information in cell phones these days but what if you lose your phone, forget the charger or it stops working?

6. Shot records (required for some countries)/birth certificates. Some countries require proof of immunization and/or proof of parentage before entering the country.

7. Notarized health authorization (if traveling with grandchildren). This doesn’t need to be complex – just a statement naming the adults traveling with your children and giving them authorization to approve health care in an emergency (just like most schools require).

8. Notarized travel permission or custody papers if both parents are not traveling. It is common for passport control to request this information if a parent is traveling alone with a child. A copy of the child’s birth certificate should also be carried if both parents are not traveling.

9. Hard copy of itinerary and lodging phone numbers. Better to be safe than sorry!

10. Leave behind – copy of itinerary, passport copy and contact numbers with neighbour or relative.

Complete this checklist and you should have everything you need for a fun and exciting international adventure.

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Introducing the Brand New A380 from British Airways

shutterstock_111708041.downloadBritish Airways recently launched its brand new A380 plane on the Hong Kong to London route, a stylish and modern aircraft offering all of the modern conveniences and more for passengers on board.

The A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. It has a double decker body and four engines and it has 40% more floor space than a Boeing 747, the world’s next largest airliner. This incredible aircraft will now be serving the British Airways route from Hong Kong to London, an incredibly popular travel route for international business as well as for tourism and travel. This announcement was made with great fanfare and celebration, with performances and a fashion show to celebrate the launch of the first flight.

The Flight Classes Offered

The A380 is designed to accommodate 469 passengers across four different cabins. The First Class cabins have 30% more personal space than previous designs, as well as 60% more stowage space. The First Class seats even feature a ‘buddy seat’ so that your friend can come sit next to you for a meal or a chat.

Club World Business Class is the level below First, followed by World Traveller Plus Premium Economy and World Traveller Economy. The difference between World Traveller Plus and World Traveller is that the premium option offers an upgraded meal service, extra space, a better amenity kit and a larger entertainment system screen.

How Often Does it Fly?

The new A380 will make two daily non-stop flights from Hong Kong. This will be very convenient for business travellers as well as tourists, as it will create more options for this travel route. The flights travel between Hong Kong International Airport and London Heathrow.

How Was the Launch Celebrated?

The launch of the A380 turned out to be quite a large party, even more so than expected. Some of the best names in British fashion, music, design and cuisine got together in Hong Kong to celebrate the inaugural flight. The event was called “Gig on a Wing” and it featured a glamorous fashion show from acclaimed British designer Alice Temperley. There was also an exclusive live performance by X-Factor winning artist Leona Lewis, who performed on a stage that was flush with the 261 foot wing of the airplane.

Booking Your Travel with Flight Centre

If you want to take advantage of this new development in air travel and book your flight, it makes sense to plan your trip with Flight Centre. This travel agency offers cheap flights and excellent affordable travel packages. They also boast the ‘Lowest Airfare Guarantee’. This guarantee promises that if you find a cheaper flight offered anywhere else, your Flight Centre travel agent will beat the price for you by $10. They will also treat you to a $100 gift voucher that you can use on your next trip. To find out more about how you can save, contact your Flight Centre travel agent.

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3 Things to do in Bradford

When looking for the best places to go for holiday, Bradford is ranked highly in the list of the best places. It has an interesting history and culture which makes it an ideal place for visiting during the holidays. Its landscape is also very interesting. The city has a very high level of security and attracts tourists from all parts of the world. The best aspect of the visit is the fact that tourists can contact Dublin airport officials and request them to facilitate the tour. The officials can help by allowing the tourists to be flown over the city at an affordable fee. They can also link the tourists to car rental service providers.

What interesting things can I do in Bradford?
There are a lot of interesting activities that you can do in the city. The following are the best three things that you can do and enjoy immensely while in the city:

Visit the museums
You can enjoy fantastic moments in the different museums within Bradford. One of the most fabulous museums is the National Media Museum. In this museum, you will probably get a chance to watch your favourite films and learn about their history. Other lovely places to visit in Bradford include the Bradford Industrial Museum, Napoleons Casino and Bolling Hall museum. By touring these places, you will certainly enjoy a great time. You can also visit the Bradford Cathedral and learn a great deal of the city’s history.

Visit the Alhambra Theatre
This theatre is one of the loveliest places to visit in England. There is a variety of entertainment ranging from music, drama, ballet and opera. The theatre has a large capacity and can hold up to 1400 people. Quite often, the theatre is full to capacity. If you visit the venue, you are likely to meet people from most parts of the world. This therefore means that the venue is a good place to meet new friends.

Travelling and attending entertainment clubs and/or parties during the night

A few people can argue that Bradford is a beautiful and attractive place to visit. At night, you can enjoy driving from place to place as you explore the different places that make up the city. You will definitely miss the staggering beauty of the street lights especially after leaving the city. Apart from the night travel, you can also have fun by attending one of the entertainment clubs. There are plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants full of entertainment. The restaurants are great places to attend with a loved one. The pubs and bars can hardly do without music and live performances by popular musicians. You can also liven up yourself by dancing when one of your favourite music icons performs live. If you like drinking, there are plenty of drinks ranging from middle-class beers to wines that are produced specifically for high-class people.

If one organises their trip well, their experience in Bradford will be unforgettable. The above mentioned activities are just an iceberg of the things that one can do.

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