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We have an excellent offer on Mamma Mia Theatre Tickets!
Mamma Mia is the fantastic musical which this year was adapted into the smash hit movie. As a result, love for the show is at an all time high after audiences were dazzled by Meryl Streep and co.’s performance. If you enjoyed it then maybe you should catch the original stage show by ordering tickets from Theatre Guide. In Mamma Mia, ABBA’s greatest hits are showcased in a dazzling musical, including Super Trooper, Thank You For The Music, Chiquita, Waterloo and let us not forget Mamma Mia.

The musical tells the story of Sophie, soon to be married and without a father. Her fiancé is a young man called Sky but all she wants is to find out who her father is in time for the big day. Little does her mother know, she has found her diary and from the clues it leaves, she narrows down the suspects to three men, and invites all of them for the special occasion. The quest to find her father invited choruses from the best of ABBA. To book your theatre tickets for Mama Mia use the link above.


Chicago tickets are available at the Cambridge Theatre this year, the famous musical is enjoying great success as it has done for many years. Don’t miss your chance of catching this show where it belongs – on stage. This glamorous show, full of passion and intrigue is set against the backdrop of 1920s Chicago and is a musical treat that is sure to entertain all those that see it. Written by Maurine Dallas Watkins, Chicago Tribune columnist in 1926, Chicago has been wowing audiences for over eighty years. Now, visit Theatre Guide and you can be part of an its epic history.

Roxie Hart is an ambitious Chicago chorus girl who is imprisoned for the murder of her partner, putting under the spotlight. Whilst there she meets Velma Kelly, a Vaudevillian performer who is imprisoned herself for killing her sister when she realised she was having an affair with her husband. This friendship is the driving force of the show as they decide to try for their freedom and become stars. Stars over the years have flocked into the roles onstage and you may even remember the Hollywood adaptation. It seems that when John Kander, Bobbe Fosse and Fred Ebb created Chicago’s characters, they were starting something special.

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