How Expensive is It to Drive in Central London

shutterstock_77971138.downloadLondon is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination, hence it is also one of the busiest city. Whether you are visiting London for business or leisure, you will need to use public transport service or hire a car to reach your desired destination in the city. The first question that may arise for those who travel is whether to traverse the city by driving or taking the public transport. Well, the listed below points could help you figure out inexpensive ways to drive in London.

In London, the government literally want people from the country or from anywhere else to use public transport than driving their own vehicles, this is to reduce traffic congestion and encourage people to use public transport. They promulgated and passed the law on Congestion Charging in 2003. The congestion parking fees are very expensive in Central London than those compared to other cities. Congestion charging fee needs to paid by the user for using congestion zone from 7:00 AM to 6:00PM on weekdays, excluding public holidays.

The reason for implementing congestion charging fee is to avoid any traffic congestion in the city and to keep the city away from any such mess. Depending on the usage these fee can be as high as £10 per day. However, some people may ignore this high cost service and drive around the central London for the comfort and ease paying the congestion charge.

Public transport has undergone some major changes to provide effective transport service. The best part of using public transport system is you don’t have to worry about where to park and shoulder the excessive parking rates. Buses and trains are also quite inexpensive alternatives getting to and from your destination. Taxis may cost you a little more but with this service if you are new to central London then you don’t have to worry about the congestion zone and route details that can reach to your destination.

Nonetheless, Transport for London customer service has tripled their efforts to streamline their system, allowing for a more efficient online and telephone client inquiries and attendance to customer complaints. This is in line with the call of concerned agencies and organisations to enhance customer experience who takes public transport.

London is a metropolis filled with lots of tourist attractions, that is the perfect place to enjoy using certain inexpensive transport ways to reach these destinations.

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Saving Money On Your Car Hire

shutterstock_105952079.downloadCar hire is a service which provides an alternative cheaper means of luxury the present day world, some estimates show that the average percentage of cars on hire on the roads stands at about 14%. It has proved to be a lucrative business.

Team players in the sector maintain a healthy competition with each one trying to offer unique ways of acquiring competence in their trade. A good example is to contact DVLA whose platform makes it easier to get a car on hire and also payment options. To protect the medium class earner, here are some ways on how to save money on car hire.

Avoid buying insurances which are unnecessary. You may not have checked but you may be buying insurance which already catered for in coverage, for example in your general car insurance.

Though not a very advisable you can access car hire services by redeeming your Amex membership reward points or in a different case you’re Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Points from both of the earlier mentioned clubs can also be converted to gas vouchers.

Locations near or inside airports normally tend to charge much more, a rate of up to 10% more with the reason that they give a lot of convenience to the car renter without the hassle of having to hire a taxi. To save on money, one is advice to hire a taxi then rent a car at a different location.

In the car rental business, a reservation already booked is reversible up to the time of travel in the rental car. One can therefore afford the luxury of revising their options in the strife to get a better deal. For example, one may just be going through offers given by service provider and find out that contact DVLA offers a better option.

There is a possibility that weekend rates can be much lower than the weekly rates given that more people are likely to hire cars during weekends for their leisure’s. Furthermore, renting a car for a period of say a week continuously can be cheaper than renting the same car each day afresh.

Cooperate regulars tend to have a better deal cut for them given their high frequency through which a crucial business bond is created. One may be a regular at contact DVLA after getting unique treatment after using their services on various instances.

Never take the option of renting a car on the basis of a prefilled gas tank. You get charged for a full tank of gas without considering that you may not exhaust that gas. With the use of a card with points bonus, you get yourself a good deal on gas at the station.

Though more a social engagement than a business negotiation, being nice to the staff at the car rental services makes them develop a liking towards you and even when it comes to negotiating a price for your hire, you do not have to struggle so much to get the fairest deal.

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