How Savannah Attracts The Worldwide Visitors

Savannah is a city in the south-east of Georgia, so you’ll need a passport if you’re not American and if you want to visit it. Even if it can be an affordable destination due to low prices, it will delight you with traditional cuisine from southern United States, then with some of the biggest festivals in the world and buildings with great architecture.
First of all, you should know when the perfect time to visit Savannah is.

If you prefer warm weather, you should visit it from March to July, when you can smell the fresh fragrance of the azaleas that are in full bloom. If you visit the town in March, you’ll have the chance to take part at the second largest parade in the world, dedicated to St. Patrick. They begin the preparations that include the Investiture of the Grand Marshal and Greening of the Fountain in Forsyth Park with two weeks before the celebration. Another festival you have the chance to celebrate in March is Savannah Music Festival, one of the most appreciate events in Georgia. In April, you can take part to Savannah Seafood Festival.

In august, temperatures begin to fall. The main events are Seafood and Music Festival in August, Savannah Jazz Festival in September, Savannah Film Festival in October and last, but not least, Savannah

Harbor Boat Parade of Lights in November.

January and February are the coldest months and during this period the prices are lower, so this is a perfect moment to visit the most beautiful places in town, like Historic Savannah Theater, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Bonaventure Cemetery, Forsyth Park, Mickve Israel Temple etc.

The Savannah Theater was built 1818 and is the oldest theater from United States that functioned continuously since 1818. It is the only theater In Savannah where you go any time of the year to Broadway-style professional live shows.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1873, is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Georgia.

Bonaventure Cemetery becomes public in 1907. This site is famous due to the incomparable cemetery sculpture and architecture and the traditions attached to it. There you can visit Johnny Mercer’s grave, along with Conrad Aiken’s and other well-known southern people.
Forsyth Park, which was originally named Forsyth Place, is one of the most well-known

places from Savannah where you can relax and enjoy nature. Many of the most important events are celebrated in this park, like St. Patrick’s Day. Here you can take a picnic or you can

How Savannah Attracts The Worldwide Visitors

admire the beautiful Forsyth Park Fountain, the monuments to the Confederate Soldier, the
If yoMarine Corps Monument, and the Fragrant Garden for the Blind and the Spanish-American Monument.

u want to dine in a special restaurant or simply want to go shopping, River Street is the best choice. It has a lot of shops for tourists and great restaurants with traditional food to choose from.

I really adore to travel to places like this, where you can find beautiful sites to relax, to take dinner, to visit, to learn history and see people full of joy throughout the whole year, not only during the festivals. Savannah is the perfect town to visit for a person like me.

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